Extreme Electronics provides quality Computer Repairs, Virus / Malware Removal, Restoration of computer to factory condition, Computer Tune-Up, Hardware replacement / upgrades,Home and Commercial Network Support, Wireless Networking,Custom Built Computers, Commercial Audio/Video Solutions. Remote administration / monitoring. In-Home, On-site service available.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Virus/Malware removal

PC Tune-up

Replace failed Motherboard, CPU, power supply, DVD, RAM, Fans, etc.

Hard Drive imaging services.

Repair broken laptop power jack

Dust Removal

Remote Control/Repair of computers in other communities/states. Examples: Clients in Greenville, Sacramento, Oregon.

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Troubleshoot network issues

Setup/secure wireless network

Printer and file sharing

Cable installation/termination/testing

Recover lost, deleted files even if computer will not run.

Consulting for new/used computer purchases, network equipment, upgrade components, Commercial AV solutions.

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